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The Franciscan path

The Franciscan Path is a religious pilgrimage itinerary to retrace the most important geographical points of the life of St. Francis.

The path starts from the Sanctuary of La Verna , the place where Francis receives the Sacre Stigmata , passes through Gubbio and reaches Assis < / strong> i; represents a spiritual journey, immersed in nature between Tuscany and Umbria, retracing the paths and key places of the life of St. Francis.

From Gubbio towards Assisi , the path crosses the Tenuta di Biscina , making it an ideal stopping point, to discover a corner of pure and enchanting nature, which leads to the farmhouse an absolutely unmissable destination during the journey, to refresh, rest, or taste typical dishes of the area.

Below is the list of the most important points to visit on the trail, with a useful map to identify the route:

Agriturismo tenuta di Biscina Gubbio

Vittoriana's Church

Tradition has it that the Saint of Assisi calms the ferocious wolf that terrified the inhabitants of the Gubbio countryside around 1222 with the sign of the cross.

Agriturismo Gubbio

Parish church of Pieve San Nicola

Pieve S. Nicolò is situated on a hillock at 603 m. s.l.m. It is a clear example of a settlement built near a medieval parish church of which traces remain in the church “ fuori le mura “.

Agriturismo Gubbio

Madonna delle Ripe chapel

Also called Madonna delle Grazie (km 14.46), inside which a small agenda is carefully placed with the memories of the passage of pilgrims.

Agriturismo Gubbio

Hermitage of San Pietro in Vigneto

Following a dirt road full of pebbles, you arrive at the Benedictine monastery of San Pietro in Vigneto . The abbey, located along the municipal road that connects Assisi to Gubbio in the thirteenth century, inside preserves frescoes from the fifteenth century , is totally confused with the other structures of the complex restored in the nineties.

Agriturismo Gubbio

Caprignone Church

It is said that the small church hosted the first chapter of the Franciscan Order in 1223 convened outside Assisi.

Agriturismo Gubbio


In the Chiascio valley, among the wooded slopes, we meet Biscina. The castle was worth the life of Guidubaldo da Montefeltro, redeemed from captivity at the end of the fifteenth century with one hundred thousand ducats and two castles, including Biscina (where it is possible to stop at the Tenuta di Biscina).

Agriturismo Gubbio

Coccorano Castle

Along the path that leads from Gubbio to Assisi, through woods, dirt roads and hills, Francesco has a view of the castle of Coccorano, a fortress that dates back to the 11th century from which a large part of the Chiascio valley can be seen. The name in the castle seems to derive from the name of an arboreal plant used for dyeing.

Agriturismo Gubbio


The Umbrian town, gently lying at the foot of Mount Subasio, is the place where Francesco was born and spent his youth, carefree and worldly.

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