Agriturismo Tenuta di Biscina - Gubbio

Agritourism farm

Umbrian olive oil - Tenuta di Biscina - Gubbio

In our estate of about 380 ha, we offer agritourism accommodation in two large farmhouses with apartments and a restaurant; but we also breed cattle and they cultivate various crops.

We cultivate grains and legumes such as barley, faba bean, pea and corn. These are processed into flour for consumption or used to feed our cattle of around 130 Charolais bulls.

We also cultivate around 200 olive trees from which we make our natural oil - the key ingredient of our cuisine, with its delicate and natural taste.

And our small vineyard satisfies ours and our guests' thirst for quality organic wine.

Our agritourism guests can visit, witness and - why not!? - take part in the daily work of the real, functioning farm. But more importantly - you can sample our excellent veal, olive oil and the products of our garden - all at Tenuta di Biscina's restaurant.

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